February 2018 - SuperTrening

February 12, 2018

Training on unstable surface and why this is not good option for sport performance training.

Citius, Altius, Fortius is an Olympic motto that mean faster, higher, stronger. There is hidden meaning of why and how to train. We should strive for getting stronger, faster and jump higher to get better.

There is no fourth Latin word lenis. That’s the word for softer or in the case of this article unstable.

These days there are many bogus ways in how to train. One reason is coach’s current knowledge and the other (not the last) is globalization. Read it, easier way to get to the information, using WWW. With just one click away from information required to assemble a new workout that is different from the last one. One such way is looking on YouTube to get some ideas how to train. Believe it or not this is not so uncommon and probably many “coaches” use it in real life.

I am calling this “YouTube periodization”, so these kind of coaches must then be “Youtube coaches”!